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Why take a private surf lesson rather than a group lesson?

There are many advantages to taking private surfing lessons at ANGLET SURF OCEAN !


1. Personalization:

With private surf lessons, the instructor can focus on the individual needs of the student and work on the specific skills he or she wants to improve.


Private surfing lessons often offer more flexibility in terms of time and location. The student can choose a time and place that suits them , which can be more convenient. Obviously lessons will be between 3 hours before and 3 hours after low tide but you don’t have to come Monday to Friday.

3. More attention:

Private surf lessons allow the student to have the full attention of the instructor, who can provide more detailed and accurate feedback.
In private lessons, the instructor watches the student constantly and is therefore more attentive to mistakes that need to be corrected.

4. Faster progress:

In general, students who take private surfing lessons tend to progress faster. This is partly due to the increased attention from the instructor and the personalization of the instruction. The advantage of private lessons is that there is no difference in level between students and therefore you can progress at your own pace. At the end of each lesson the teacher can discuss with you the material that suits you. He informs you of the conditions that are made for you with among other things the learning of the weather forecast, and also of the conduct to hold and the objectives fixed before the next course.

5. Better security:

Private tuition allows you to benefit from specific guidance tailored to your progress which will also ensure your safety. The instructions will be personalised to you, and the teacher will be permanently in the water at your side! My expertise as a lifeguard for 10 years on the beaches of England will give you more serenity to apprehend the marine environment which can be hectic on the Basque Coast.

Group Courses

Group classes are generally more generic and do not always allow for personalisation of teaching to suit individual levels and abilities.